Esther Ferrer & Birgit Jürgenssen
Gandy Gallery, Bratislava, 22. März - 17. Mai 2024

Birgit Jürgenssen always considered fundamental to develop her artistic expressions on multiple levels, by overlapping them, using lights and shadows, projections on the body or collages. In some of her works, for example, covering the photographs with latex or fabric, the artist creates an erotic visual and, at the same time, tactile appeal. In others, by superimposing on the surfaces of the photographs a layer of translucent gauze, Jürgenssen produces a moment of voyeurism, of illusion. In this way, the desire to move "the curtain" aside to be able to see what lays behind it permeates the observer. Birgit Jürgenssen herself states that she wants "by being seduced, to seduce others, by covering, to make things visible", playing with illusion and reality. Through her camouflages, Birgit transforms her photographs into paintings and into sculptural objects, to which she lends something alive, organic. Precisely through multiple superimposition levels, she manages to refine the perception of her work’s narrative.

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