HYPOKEIMENON, en Dessous du Sang

11.04.17 bis 25.05.17

GNF Gallery has the pleasure to invite you to "Hypokeimenon - En dessous du Sang", a group show curated by the young, london-based artist Nils Alix-Tabelling (FR, 1991). Presenting the works of Nils Alix-Tabeling, Aline Bouvy, Jude Crilly, Emeline Depas, Nicolas Deshayes, Justin Fitzpatrick, Anna Hulakova, Motoko Ishibashi, Rebecca Jagoe and Birgit Jürgensen, this exhibition focuses on blood rituals and, more specifically, on fluids be they bodily or ideological, on the ways they embody themselves, on how they take possession of space, on the transfusion that occurs between the space, the art work, the viewer.

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