Birgit Jürgenssen
Letter to J.R.

Vienna, 6.11.88

Letter to J.R.

This letter will be short, because I try to describe to you with few words the work I am going to show at Graeme Murray`s Gallery.
I will show triptychs and single pieces, colourphotos mixed with double projections on coloured paper (no negativ). All in the size of 40 x 30 cm each and with cloth over it, on stretchers. The 4 colourphotos in these brown wooden frames and 4 small solargraphics with passepartout and frames.
The late 80-ies have gotten a time of discussions (in art) about the image and the image of the image.... a.s.o. People trust more to that, what they see. (A question about having time?) "To see means " they have lost the ability to listen. This story is about anxiety and desire wich both create a feeling of insecurity. There is no recipe how to live a life, but we are all touched by similar problems as we all have to follow the rules of something like the universe. So we are juggling like with three balls (wich can be career-success-money, love-hate-desire... whatever) hoping never to loose one and trying to keep balance. The themes of my work are about looking and "listening", these are thoughts about light, darkness, stillness; about stilllife, moving, the vertical, the mountain, the valley....
(sounds naive, but I don`t find better words such quick)
The subjects are many times various sources of lights (lamps...) combined with figural images.
I used quotations of R. Chandler because of his "simply" picturing voice (...looking!). In the way how he describes persons he seems to love,- to understand the human being with a lot of irony. mehr

Thanks for listening to me

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