Suyun Bir Arada Tuttugu. Verbund Koleksiyonu'ndan Sanat. Art from the Sammlung Verbund, Vienna
Museum of Modern Art, Istanbul
10/09/08 till 11/01/09

Following the successful presentation by SAMMLUNG VERBUND in the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) in Vienna in 2007, the exhibition "HELD TOGETHER WITH WATER. Art from the SAMMLUNG VERBUND" could be seen in the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art from 10 September 2008 until 11 January 2009.

VERBUND desires to make its first-rate art collection accessible to interested members of the public; in Istanbul, SAMMLUNG VERBUND presented itself outside Austria for the very first time. 

The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art was founded in 2004 – in the same year as SAMMLUNG VERBUND. It is also known as "Istanbul Modern" and is Turkey’s first museum of modern and contemporary art. The museum wants to combine the country’s artistic past with the dynamics of the present and act as an engine for the cultural future of the country.


Published by Gabriele Schor, text by Levent Çalıkoğlu, Abigail Solomon-Godeau, Gabriele Schor, Gregor Stemmrich and Philip Ursprung

132 pages, approx. 100 illustrations, 2008
ISBN 978-975-6167-31-1 (Turkish and English)

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