Stepping into the Limelight!

Experimental Shoe Design
Grassi Museum, Leipzig
28/03/13 till 29/09/13

Experimental Shoe Design

The special relationship which exists between people and shoes – and in particular women and shoes – is a popular source of fascination. The mystical attraction they exert is felt not only by the female of the species, but also to an increasing extent by designers and artists who are thinking ‘outside the shoebox’ and falling head over heels for footwear.

Never before has an exhibition showcased such an experimental, boundary-pushing concept of shoe design. There is nothing mainstream about the styles on show; rather, they are imaginative, bold and even provocative.

Some 150 pairs of shoes from a hundred or so international designers introduce the visitor to a wealth of styles, ranging from the architecturally inspired to creations of audacious irony and socially-motivated footwear.

With the assistance of Liza Snook (The Hague), who has been running a virtual shoe museum for years, the most exclusive shoes from all over the world have been brought together on loan for the exhibition. Most are one-off or limited edition designs. mehr

Kerber Verlag
176 pages
22,6 x 22,4 x 1,6 cm
ISBN: 978-3866788312

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