All Back in the Skull Together

Maccarone, New York
14/03/15 till 18/04/15

Sam Anderson, Lynda Benglis, Kathy Butterly, Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys, Nicole Eisenman, Bill Jensen, Hans Josephsohn, Birgit Jürgenssen, Eva Kotátková, Sarah Lucas, Alice Neel, Melvin Edward Nelson, Jo Nigoghossian, John O'Reilly, Dorothea Tanning, Miroslav Tichy

Say a body. Where none. No mind. Where none. That at least. A place. Where none. For the body. To be in. Move in. Out of. Back into. No. No out. No back. Only in. Stay in. On In. Still. First the body. No. First the place. No. First both. Now either. Now the other. Sick of the either try the other. Sick of it back sick of the either. So on. Somehow on. Till sick of both. Throw up and go. Where neither. Till sick of there. Throw up and back. The body again. Where none. The place again. Where none. Try again. Fail again. Better again. Of better worse. Fail worse again. Still worse again. Till sick for good. Throw up for good. Go for good. Where neither for good. Good and all.
- Samuel Beckett, Worstward Ho mehr

Our philosophy ... reduceth to a single origin and relateth to a single end, and maketh contraries to coincide so that there is one primal foundation both of origin and of end. From this coincidence of contraries, we deduce that ultimately it is divinely true that contraries are within contraries; wherefore it is not difficult to compass the knowledge that every thing is within every other.
- Giordano Bruno, De immense

I to seek among phrases and fragments something unbroken
- Virginia Woolf, The Waves

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