Call me on Sunday

Within the framework of CCC - Curators Collectors Collaborations
Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna
28/03/14 till 31/05/14

curated by Ursula Maria Probst

CALL ME ON SUNDAY is the second of several parts of the long-term series CCC (curators collectors collaborations) initiated by Krinzinger Gallery - a starting point for the interconnection of international collectors and curators. The exhibition, curated by Viennese curator Ursula Maria Probst, features works from mostly private art collections. Probst provides insights into private spheres, reads art historical and cultural trails and casts a new glance on thoroughly grown collection concepts, paving the way for new ways of understanding them. The exhibition’s title CALL ME ON SUNDAY initially sounds like an appealing invitation to a date, but is actually - ambiguously and distinctly at the same time - referring to a specific moment of personal exchange between the collectors and the curator of the exhibition. On Sundays, when telephonic and electronic communication is at least partly reduced, collectors find the time to indulge in their passion for art and are at hand for curators.

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