raum_körper einsatz

Positionen der Skulptur
MUSA, Vienna
19/05/10 till 09/10/10

In the twentieth century, figurative sculpture departed radically from tradition and the idea of the body was reinterpreted. The influence of movements like Minimal Art, Fluxus, Performance or Conceptual art led to a differentiated concept of sculpture, which subsequently encompassed a variety of positions, materials and media as well as public spaces. The boundaries to other artistic genres became blurred and it was not unusual for sculptural objects to become the subject of a sequence of actions.

As part of this fragmentation and expansion of the concept of sculpture, the figure underwent a series of deconstructions. It has, however, lost none of its fascination to this day. On the contrary: as a starting point for sculptural concepts the figure was rediscovered both in Austria and internationally. In line with this, MUSA is showing a selection of examples from the collection of the City of Vienna’s Department for Cultural Affairs. These are sculptures that refer to the human body in compelling and varied ways. They document the continuity of the figure as a subject and starting point for sculpture, but also show that contemporary art has been released from traditional premises and has transformed the human figure. mehr

In addition, the exhibition and catalogue highlight the significance of the City of Vienna as the main patron of sculpture in public spaces.

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