Which Life?

A Panoramic View of the Collections
Museum der Moderne, Mönchsberg
25/04/15 till 04/10/15

Director Sabine Breitwieser and the newly appointed curator of the Generali Foundation Collection, Petra Reichensperger, will organize the new presentation of works from the museums holdings. It will relate to coinciding temporary exhibitions and events connected with prominent personalities. To mark her birthday, a separate gallery will be devoted to VALIE EXPORT. For many years she has taught at the Summer Academy in Salzburg and is represented with a number of major works in the Generali Foundation Collection.

“… What do you do in life? Do you think that your work, your life, and your thoughts are special or significant?” These key questions were asked by an employee of the Generali insurance company and have made their way into an installation by the artist Andrea Fraser entitled Kunstvermittlung (Art Education, 1995). The relationship between life and culture, work and leisure, implicit in these questions, play an outstanding role in the Generali Foundation Collection at large and in the prints and photography collections, the two main historical collections of the Museum der Moderne Salzburg. Therefore, they also significantly influence the selection of works. mehr

Sabine Breitwieser, Director
Petra Reichensperger, Generali Foundation Collection Curator
Museum der Moderne Salzburg

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