Birgit Jürgenssen
Foreword to the catalogue "Wenn die Kinder sind im Dunkeln, ..."
In: Exh. cat. Wenn die Kinder sind im Dunkeln... (Vienna: Wiener Secession, 1994), p. 6.



                                                Michael Curtiz


The important thing about the selected works is what they emanate and their intensity. One is supposed to be - literally - touched by this. The artists speak from within the dark, using a loud, spectacular language to formulate their dreams, wishes, fears, obsessions ... They speak from their inner-most self.

The antithesis is like a wall without a door. To penetrate this wall is to break a taboo. The antithesis of inside and out, hot and cold, life and death is separated by the most flexible barrier - that of being. Where is the statement to be penetrated? To let the dream emerge in the carpet of a dream and to make reality credible? The approach aims at naturalizing meaning.

"Citar": The heals of the boots hit the ground, the toreros straighten, luring the animal to the banderillos. mehr

An increase in the pleasure of playing to increase the number of signifiers and not to obtain a final signified. An "expanse" wich cannot be grasped. The copy of semblance becomes authentic through the knowledge of what is inside, what lies below it. 

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