GEBURTSKULTUR. vom gebären und geboren werden

Frauenmuseum Hittisau
04/07/20 till 18/04/21

birth culture.
giving birth and being born

Birth concerns us all. Like death, it affects everyone without exception. The conditions that surround pregnancy and childbirth shape our lives. The birth culture exhibition explores the ways in which this start in life is formed by society and the framework that is created around it.

BIRTH CULTURE shines a light on how a society deals with the start in life as well as forming the framework within which birth is embedded socially. Medical, political, anthropological, philosophical, and cultural-historical aspects all play an essential role.

The exhibition addresses these issues, spanning multiple topics including the history of childbirth, worldwide birthing rituals and the current debates surrounding reproduction technologies. Multiple oral histories share personal experiences of being mothers and fathers. This personal approach is further explored and expanded on in contemporary art.  mehr

Art in the Exhibition:
Gesline Anrango (CR) / Renate Bertlmann (A) / Juliana Cerquiera Leite (BR) / Louise Bourgeois (F) / Sevda Chkoutova (BG) / Gloria Dimmel (A) / Jane Dunker (DE) / Silvia Duran Piedra (CR) / Karin Ferrari (I) / Judith P. Fischer (A) / Christiane Forstnig (A) / Lucero González (MX) / Nesa Gschwend (CH) / Glenda Hecksher (MX) / Cornelia Hefel (A) / Ana Griselda Hine (CR) / GynePunk (ES) / Konrad Honold (A) / Barbara Anna Husar (A) / A.M. Jehle (A) / Birgit Jürgenssen (A) / Bernhard Kathan (A) / Mary Kelly (USA) / Ina Loitzl (A) / Paula López Droguett (CL) / Bianca Lugmayr (A) / Lucia Madriz (CR) / Claudia Mang (A) / Tasha Marks / AVM Curiosities (GB) feat. Petra Raid (A) / Maina-Miriam Munsky (DE) / Nina Lyne Gangl (A) / Projecte Úter (ES) / Judith Samen (DE) / Saba Skaberne (SL) / Annegret Soltau (DE) / Anna Stemmer-Dworak (A) / Ronja Svaneborg (DK) / Bianca Tschaikner (A) / Margarita Valero Cuevas (CR) / Nurith Wagner-Strauss (A) / Anna Witt (DE) / Les Reines Prochaines (CH)

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