Brave New World

New concepts in Austrian photography
The Austrian Cultural Forum, London; MdM Rupertinum, Museum der Moderne, Salzburg;
15/09/10 till 03/04/11

Developments in photography, film, video and computers and the use of these media in our daily life has had a significant impact on the production and reception of artworks. Artists embrace the opportunities these new technologies provide while at the same time using these information systems as inspiration for their works. Digital spaces are created, navigated
and documented and with the help of electronic image artworks can be created in which the ditigal and real world can no longer be separated, where a kind of hybrid reality comes into existence. Nine artists have been selected from the photography collection at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg (including the photo‐collection of the Ministery of Education, Arts and Culture) to participate in this exhibition. Contributing artists include Hubert Blanz, VALIE EXPORT, Dorothee Golz, Helmut Grill, Robert F. Hammerstiel, Dieter Huber, Birgit Jürgenssen,
Iris Klein and Anita Witek.

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