Les Femmes Fatales

Forum Frohner, Krems
18/07/10 till 03/10/10

The phenomenon of the femme fatale has always been a point of fascination. In Adolf Frohner’s oeuvre, the femme fatale plays a unique role because the figure of beauty has been brought down from its pedestal. Frohner took ugliness to be an aspect of real beauty, and he saw this complexity of appearances in contrast to the glimmering superficiality of the commercialized world. 
The exhibition presents works from Adolf Frohner, Louise Bourgeois, Arnulf Rainer, VALIE EXPORT, Pierre Klossowski, Alfred Kubin, Maria Lassnig, Carol Rama, Ulrike Petzold, Franz West up to Katrina Daschner, gelitin and Zenita Komad. A menacing world of violence and murder, desire and sexuality, including all sides of life and death is on display for a short time at the Forum Frohner.

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