Birgit Jürgenssen

Body Projections
Galerie Jordanow, Munich
25/04/12 till 26/05/12

In Cooperation with Estate Birgit Jürgenssen.

The Austrian Birgit Jürgenssen (1949-2003, born in Vienna) is one of the most prominent artists of the feminist avant-garde. In her works, which are affected by Surrealism, Birgit Jürgenssen deals subversiv, ironic and grotesque with different facets of femininity. Her multilayered oeuvre in which the body or female attributes were related to object or wildlife, contains drawings, collage, painting, staging and photography (for example the shoe-objects, "Houswives' Kitchen Apron", "Self with Little Fur").

Gallery Jordanow will present a selection (ca 25 photographs) of the series called "Body Projection" (1987/88), in which Birgit Jürgenssen projected shadows, signs and symbols with mysterious and sensible allusions upon the surface of her body. It´s about the female body as projetion and projection screen.

As Peter Weibel remarked: "Birgit Jürgenssen is the missing link that is finally being discovered not only for Austrian feminism between Maria Lassnig and Valie Export, but also for the international women´s art movement from Francesca Woodman to Cindy Sherman. As a result of her surrealist and structuralist tradition within this spectrum, she occupies a universial position. In order to better understand her status: Birgit Jürgenssen represents a contemporary position in the line of Meret Oppenheim and Louise Bourgeois."

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