Birgit Jürgenssen. Io sono.

On 7 March, the opening of the first major retrospective in Italy of the work of Birgit Jürgenssen (Vienna, 1949–2003) will be held.

The wide-ranging oeuvre of Birgit Jürgenssen reflects on and deconstructs stereotypical relationships, sexuality, socially determined notions of beauty and gender relations, all with subversive humour as if they were deeper layers of her own identity.
The show, curated by Natascha Burger and Nicole Fritz and staged in collaboration with the Estate Birgit Jürgenssen, the Kunsthalle Tübingen and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, offers an overview of the entire oeuvre of the Austrian artist: more than 150 works produced over 40 years of research, including her drawings, collages, sculptures, photographs, rayogrammes, gouaches and cyanotypes.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue, published by Prestel, with texts by Natascha Burger, Nicole Fritz, Maurizio Cattelan, Lorenzo Giusti, Jessica Morgan, Gabriele Schor, Jasper Sharp, Abigail Solomon-Godeau. mehr

Exhibition Itinerary:

Kunsthalle Tübingen, Germany – November 9, 2018 until February 17, 2019

GAMeC - Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo, Italy – March 8 until May 19, 2019

LOUISIANA Museum of Modern Art, Denmark – June 12 until September 22, 2019

Weserburg Museum of Modern Art Bremen – March 21 until August 9, 2020

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